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Step back into the 1960s and you'll find these colours were predominant in many homes. Some are timeless classics, others have seen a huge revival this year, with teal and burnt orange once again being deemed as the must-have colours. Mad Men may be responsible for the upsurge in retro décorpillow cover home decor, who knows! These 6 reasons will hopefully inspire you to adopt the Man Men colours in your home.

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Include teal blue if you want to get a retro vibe that isn't too overwhelming on the eye. It blends well with any of the other 5 Mad men colours. Use it as the principle colour or as an accent, either way it will give you a groovy retro vibe that's also a this year's must-have.

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Use grey because it is typically deemed as a man's colour – although 50 Shades of Grey have altered perceptions of this stereotypical assumption! Grey has the ability to look casual or refined, depending on the accent colours you combine with it.

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You should add touches of gold to give a luxury vibe to your décor. Use it sparingly to prevent it from becoming too trashy and cheap looking. ?


Include black because, like grey, it is a colour that is historically associated with men's décor. Used in combination with grey, gold and white it has a timeless quality. Team it with burnt orange for a bold 1960s look.

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Use a burnt orange and blue colour combo because it has a distinctly retro vibe, especially when used in a kitchen.

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Incorporate white into your colour scheme because it has the natural ability to calm and soften dark colours. White can be used as the base colour for any decorating motif, with the amounts being used adjusted according to the room's available natural light and overall colour scheme.

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