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It’s the holiday season and merrymaking is round the corner. You don’t have to go all out and end up having a big hole in your pocket, this Holiday Season. Rather, go for small changes, which can make a big difference and give your home the look of the season. These small yet significant changes in your home dé;cor can go a long way in having your home holiday ready. Here are some easy, breezy means, which you can try with ease, at home.

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1. The Tree is Up: Central to this season is the Christmas tree. It must already be in place for Christmas, but tweak the dé;cor a bit for the New Years. Of course, the reindeer, Santa Claus, fairypillow cover home decor, bell, and stars are a must in the tree decoration, but how about some distinct touch, as well. Yes, something different in your Christmas tree. How about decorating it with tassel and trimmings? You get a lot of variety in trimmingsthese days and can surely take its use beyond fabric dé;cor. Embellish the tree using a tassel fringe or gimp and make it look different and designer. You can either put it casually on the tree or put it stylishly on the leaves. Otherwise, you can also drape the Christmas tree with it. Coming in different colours and designs, you can opt for trimmings with gold mix or tonal brown and have the tree beautifully done up. There are also trimmings in dual colours, which can give a one of its kinds look to the Christmas tree.

Along with the Christmas tree, you can also put trimming fabric on the gifts for this Holiday Season. Yes, wrap the gifts in a different style, make it an investment too, so that people are awed at the very first glance. Buy different trimmings and design the Christmas tree and gifts in a unique fashion, this year.

2. Get the Lights in Place: With the Christmas tree, central to your home decoration is the lighting. It is the season of decoration, of lighting up every space tastefully, exotically. So, go beyond the conventional string of lights and do up the whole house in a unique manner. How about a garden torch? Yes, it’s different and it will give a distinct touch to your home. Patio torches are the perfect way of lighting up your home this season. The warm, mashal-like, soft glow will give that classy effect and brighten-up the complete space.

A garden torch also referred as tiki torch can be put on table top or mounted on wall. Made from iron and stone it can give a rustic touch to the home dé;cor. You can put them around the Christmas tree and do the patio and lawn with it. Spread these decorative torches around the garden or put them on the terrace and have the whole house beautifully lit-up. It is a fun and natural way of illuminating a space. You can use Deco home torch oil, diesel and refined oil, kerosene oil and citronella oil to light up this garden torch. The ideal option is Citronella oil. A Citronella oil is odourless, produces less smoke and keeps the bugs at bay. Whether you are planning that brunch or New Year eve dinner, the garden torch lit up with Citronella oil is sure to make your place bright and beautiful. Thanks to Citronella oil your guests will not complain of mosquito bites either. So, light-up the house and have it party ready.

3. Get the Cushions in Place: If party is on your mind, then you should get the cushions in place too. Yes, cool, colourful and comfy cushions is an instant and easy way of doing the home decoration. You can scatter them around the Christmas tree, on the sofa and rug, and have your home party ready. There is something about cushions, they can spruce up a space, instantly. Moreover, the best part about decorating with cushions is that there are no strings attached. You can go for different colour options, shapes and sizes and scatter them around the way you want. If you wish to do up your existing cushions, then simply look for cushion covers and viola your old sofa will look new and bright. Moreover, it is one of the easiest ways to bring the colours of the season to play. Yes, bring in those red, white and green cushions and have your home ready for the holiday season.

These are simple and easy ways of styling-up your home and having it ready for the season of joy, fun, and merry-making. You can buy the above-mentioned trimmings, decorative tassels, garden torch, and designer cushion cover online from Decowindow.in. Browse through the options here and have your home ready for Holiday Season and New Year. These small changes can make a big difference in giving your home the holiday look and feel. Greet your guests with a striking and mesmerizing home, and ring in the New Year with a beautiful dé;cor. You can also check our deal of the day on these products and save big, this holiday season.

Brought to you by our featured guest blogger, Jill Nystul, author and founder of One Good Thing by Jillee.

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