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My inspiration was found via Pinterest, as so many things are these days, and looked something like these mason jar lanterns.

(unfortunately I don't know where this original image came from, my apologies!)

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Perfect for our barn settingpillow cover home decor, simple, and elegant. Plus, I had a hundred mason jars at my disposal left over from my parents canning this fall (I only needed 30). I decided to use the quart mason jars as opposed to the smaller ones and am using only one per table. All they needed was some yellow to brighten them up and some of my own simple touches.

I started with this:

I then added some lace around the top of the jar.

I wanted to make them my own, so I decided to add some twine and buttons instead of rafia and clear pebbles.

I didn't really like it though…;I thought they looked sloppy and plain. Not what I was going for. So raffia it was. I picked up a couple bundles from Pat Catans ($1 each) and hoped that I liked it better.

eh. Still not what I was going for. So I trimmed off the edges, made the bow a little smaller, and stuck it in a grapevine wreath with lace ribbon laced through it. MUCH better!

We're going to fill them with water and stick a floating candle in them, much like in the picture, and we should be good to go!

Centerpiece budget:

Mason Jars: $0

Raffia: 3 bundles for $3

Grapevine wreaths: 30 for $.50 each ($15)

Lace:? On sale at Micheal's for $.75 a spool. 5 spools for $3.75

Buttons: 2 bags from www.buttonsgalore.com for $30

Giant spool of twine for $10 from JoAnn's (If anyone needs some twine, let me know, I'll send it your way!)

Total for 30 centerpieces: $61.75

I had extra lace, buttons and raffia that I'm going to return so my actual total after returns is probably around $50.

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