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If your child's room is small, a single bed is a great idea to save space but inhibits the occasional sleepover. There are solutions. Beds that easily slide out from under another bed, such as trundle bedsaccent pillow case baby canvas living room deco, have come a long way to provide extra room and storage. Some of the modern versions contain drawers built into the lower bed to provide more storage space and a bed for a guest to spend the night.

Metal baskets can make an attractive display on the wall when filled with toys, hair ribbons or even your child's socks. You can use the wall space for storage space by hanging a display of mesh or wire baskets against the wall. Use these for smaller items that would otherwise be left sitting on the table or chairs or strewn over the floor. A bench that doubles as a toy box or storage area has been around for years.

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Today's models come in far more designs than those of great grandma's day. If you want to use all the storage area possible, but also provide sitting room, these make an ideal solution. Cover the box with fabric to match childrens curtains, duvet covers or bedding to create a chic and stylish look in the room. Small bedrooms also need ingenious storage solutions and while we touched on some ideas in yesterday's post also consider a wall of shelves divided into squares to hold valued collections or favourite books and toys.

You can make the lower divisions bigger and insert clear plastic drawers or bins for clothing if space is a big problem. Using items normally put away as part of the decorating scheme not only gives the room more space but also gives an individual look to the room. For instance, cup racks make an impressive way to display jewellery or hair accessories.

Attach some paper clamps to a chain and hang it from the ceiling to display your child's soft toys prominently for another decorating but storage saving idea. Colour can also play an important role in making small bedrooms appear large and while the rule of thumb is to steer clear of dark colours and use white or pastels, a wall with a bold contemporary colour can add life and vitality to a small space. Alternatively use white walls to highlight soft furnishings in bright primary colours.

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