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This week the preview copy of my book showed up in the mail! ?I knew it was coming and walked around all day feeling both insanely nervous and really excited. It all seems a bit surreal to me that I wrote a book…; even typing that feels a little strange to me. ?After I got the book, I admit I was terrified to open it…;would I love the projects as much as I did a year ago? Did I miss a typo? I had those and a million other questions swirling through my head along with the sudden (and some what terrifying) realization that now other people could see the book too!

I spent a few days letting it all sink in then decided that I’;d sit down and tell you all ?a little bit about the book and why I wrote it.

So first up…; why did I write a book? Well,?mainly because I got an idea for a subject that I was really excited about. I’;ve mentioned?before that I have 3 kids. When my kids were little I LOVED to sew for them. ?Easter dresses, quilts, cute little skirts, fun headbandsaccent pillow case baby canvas living room deco, colorful pj’;s. etc…; Well as my kids have gotten older I’;ve realized that they don’;t want those kinds of things anymore.

Feeling a bit heartbroken (and old) at this realization I decided that there was no reason that I (and others) had to stop sewing for kids just because they were teenagers. I sat down and drew up a list of projects that I thought my now older kids would like. I then quizzed my kids friends when they came over, asked my daughters field hockey team to fill out a “;survey”; for me, and pretty much tried to pick the brains of anyone that I could as to what types of projects teenagers would want sewn for them. This book contains most of those ideas.

This book is a collection of 21 handmade gifts to give to teens. Because, you have to admit, that teenagers need to feel our love for them as much as a newborn baby (maybe even more). Sewing for teens (whether it’;s your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, friends) is something that you can do. ?I also tried to make the projects universally appealing so that you might like to sew some for yourself or as gifts for others, who aren’;t teens or tweens.

Today I’;ll share just a bit about some of the projects in the book with you, then will devote a few more blog posts the next few months talking about some of the projects in the book, but don’;t worry, I won’;t overwhelm you with “;book”; related posts ??

One of my favorite projects in the book is this “;You Can Do it”; Quilt. My sister in law actually gave me the idea to use inspirational quotes for the center of the blocks. ?I love how this turned out, and think it’;s a fun and unique way to use some of the inspirational quotes you find online.

In the book I dedicated an entire chapter to sewing for teen boys, there are ipad cases, gadget cases, stadium blankets etc.. One of the projects that I came up with are these fun t-shirt pillows. We collect t-shirts as we travel and it kills me sometimes to get rid of the t-shirts. These pillows are a fun to make and sew up more quickly than a t-shirt quilt.

I’;d been toying around with the idea of a cross body bag pattern for a while and finally settled on how I’;d like to make one. ?This bag has a front zipper pocket and a recessed zipper inside…;. (the top zips up ?to make it a bit more secure). You can also adjust the length of the strap easily.

If you’;ve followed my blog for a little bit you know that I love making zip pouches. They are so quick to make and are perfect for gifts. ?These zip pouches are inspired by some places I love to travel (or would love to) there are patterns for zip pouches made to resemble the Union Jack, the Dutch Flag and the Swiss Flag.

?This quilt I had been toying around with making for a few years now. ?I love quatrefoil shapes and wanted to jump into sewing with solid fabrics more. I love the graphic pop the white gives on the pinks. (You could also make this quilt in prints, just make sure you use a low volume print on the shapes).

You can order?the book on Amazon., it’;s showing in stock!!!!

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After months of contemplation, I had finally purchased a new headboard and footboard for the guest bedroom. I spent months deliberating the best choice – upholstered linen headboard, brass or iron. I had initially wanted an antique solid brass bed, however I quickly realized they are only available in full size, as was standard back in the day. That was the reason we needed “new” to begin with. We decided to give our guests a little more space and purchased a queen mattress set, opening a Pandora’s box of needs to follow, including a new headboard.

We’ve had amazing weather here in the Portland area, which is rare this time of year! So while many states are under snow and ice, we are frolicking through the tulips like giddy adults who don’t get enough sun!