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If you’;re looking for an easy, yet adorable DIY gift idea, you’;ll love this Mulling Spice Recipe I’;ve created to place inside these super cute muslin bags!

Once the temperature drops, it’;s time for hot spiced wine or cider! Or try my Crock Pot Wassail recipe. Perfect for a crowd or that seasonal taste!

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As I’;ve said over and overaccent pillow case baby canvas living room deco, it’;s all in the presentation! If I just handed someone a small ziplock baggy full of this mulling spice recipe, they’;d probably look at me like I was dealing something.

But when I wrap it in cheesecloth, and then inside a muslin bag that I’;ve ironed on my red car design and added a cute tag with how to use the mulling spice recipe, it suddenly becomes one of the cutest gifts they’;ll ever get! ? ?

You can grab the red car download from my DIY Christmas Gifts post I shared a few days ago. I’;m showing you how I created these muslin bags, and how I also made a kitchen dishtowel using the same graphic. It’;s so perfect for the holidays!

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Typically, people use mulling spices in wine or apple cider. Served warm, it’;s a comforting drink in the fall and winter.

Combine 4 or 5 cups red wine or juice (apple cider is my fav) in a large saucepan with the mulling spice bag. Heat until warm, then simmer on low for at least an hour. Remove mulling spice bag and serve.

>;>; Download your free Mulling Spices Tag HERE <;<;<;

Like the spices in your spice cabinet, they can lose their potency after a few months. I’;d make up a fresh mulling spice recipe batch every year.

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