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Like-minded brands, shop owners and designers are essential to helping us build a community passionate about sustainable and organic home goods. We want to say thank you to our partners and furthermore share with you the stories that make each one unique. Introducing Coyuchi Community, a series highlighting our partners, from family-owned organic cotton mills, to local designers and shop owners, all with a common mission: living an intentional lifestyle by example.

Zola is the wedding company that will do anything for love. They are reinventing the wedding planning and registry experience to make the happiest moment in couples’ lives even happier. From engagement to wedding to decorating their first home, Zola is there, combining compassionate customer service with modern tools and technology. All in the service of love.

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Zola offers couples more than just registering for a set of platesaccent pillow case baby canvas living room deco, you can think outside the box by registering for experiences like cooking classes and wine subscriptions, and you can also personalize your own funds, too. That being said, their shop is beautifully curated, and we have always felt honored to be included in their careful selection. Zola recently re-opened their shop-able home, the Zola Townhouse, in downtown Manhattan to take the shopping experience to a new level. You can now swing by and feel the softness of our organic linen collection or pick out a dinner wear set to match our Tuolemne Handwoven Organic Placemat. We spoke with Jennifer Spector, Newlywed-At-Large and Director of Brand at Zola to learn a little more about this crazy, successful business.

Congratulations on re-launching the Zola Townhouse shop! What are you most excited about in having a brick and mortar?

Thank you! Our Zola Townhouse is a combination of showroom, events space, and creative studio. We are most excited when couples come into our space together to register and add gifts. It is so fun seeing couples talk about what they might need for their future together - and it is fun! Registering is definitely one of the best parts of wedding planning.

What will be unique about this new space?

We moved into our new office when it was a completely raw space, so we were able to build the Zola Townhouse from the ground up. When you step off the elevators you are transported into a chic newlywed home including an enviable kitchen. The Zola Townhouse serves as inspiration for our couples to help them envision the next chapter of their lives together.

What have been some of the most surprising challenges in building a real shop when your business is mostly online?

The Zola Townhouse is not a store, it is an experience. So, we focus on helping couples through the registry process and make recommendations about specific products based on their lifestyle. We don’t hold inventory, so the space is all about discovery.

In what way has the wedding industry been changing? Zola seems to be at the forefront of this change and I am curious where you envision it going.

Zola was founded in 2013, because the registry experience was stuck in the stone age. Today’s couples live their lives on mobile, and want to be able to register for gifts, experiences, and funds all in one place. Zola has definitely helped modernize the registry experience, while keeping it consistent for guests who are used to shopping at department stores.

What is the most unique registry you've seen at Zola?

I have seen a couple register for a cash fund for an unlimited supply of avocados. They really loved those healthy fats!

How can people who aren't getting married use Zola?

Zola is an ecommerce site, so anyone can shop our selection of products whether you are getting married, you’re not married, or you’ve been married for 20 years.

Beyond the shop, what are some new projects you guys are working on?

We just launched Zola Weddings so that now couples can plan their whole wedding with Zola - for free. We offer free wedding websites, customizable checklists, guest list managers, and the registry all in one place.

Where do you look to for brand inspiration?

We live in NYC, so inspiration is all around us! We just got back from ICFF - a design conference and so we found a lot of inspiration there. Also Instagram and Pinterest are visual feasts.

What is your favorite Coyuchi product in the shop? :)

I love the Mediterranean Towel Set because they add the perfect amount of color to any bathroom. Plus they are super absorbent and lightweight. Our couples love them!

Zola put together their must-have picks for summer. This round up is the perfect guide for anyone looking to update their summer space.

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