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Hello lovelies!! Happy Monday!

I wanted to start out this week by offering up a fun free printable for y'all! In case you didn't know, I had a previous career in graphic design. Since going full-time with The Budget Savvy Bride three years ago, I've been doing less and less design work, and stopped taking freelance clients about 2 years ago. I've been missing the fun of?designing and being creative so I felt the need to stretch those creative muscles a bit more, and what better way than by creating some fun and free printables to help all my budget savvy brides!

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I'm hoping to start doing free printable projects on an ongoing basis, so I would love your suggestions, requests, and ideas in terms of themesaccent pillow case baby canvas living room deco, color schemes and more! For today's project, I wanted to have a little fun with watercolor textures. I love the soft colors and the dreamy effect of watercolor, and I think it's absolutely perfect for weddings! I decided to create a printable pennant banner featuring a soft watercolor texture. I love this project because it's SUPER simple —; all you need is a color printer, cardstock, scissors, a hole punch and some string. Easy peasy!! I decided to make this banner in 3 different color tones for you as well, so you have some choices where that's concerned.

The design files have the banners as a full-page design, but in the tutorial you can see I have multiple letters per sheet of paper. What I love about Adobe Acrobat is that with their print settings, you can print multiple pages per sheet, essentially making it possible to change the size of this design to fit your needs! So whether you're hoping to use this banner as decor / signage in your wedding day or if you'd rather have a teeny tiny bunting banner on your wedding cake as a cake topper, this file will help you achieve that! Love it!!

Watch this tutorial video below to see how to print multiple pages per sheet to customize the size of your banners.

Camera: Canon 70D

Printer: Epson XP-830

Scissors: Fiskars

Paper: Neenah 90lb cardstock

String: Butcher's Twine

In case you are wondering, this design features the font: Adorn Condensed Sans?by Laura Worthington. Love this font!

First, you'll want to start by printing out your pages on your color printer. I personally used the Epson XP-830?to print these files out. I love that it's wireless and it makes my life so much easier in that respect. I decided to print my files 2-up so that they were a little smaller for the sake of this tutorial, as well as saving paper and ink ??

After you've printed out your files, cut them out! Don't worry about them being crazy perfect —; when they are hung up you won't see tiny imperfections if you choose to cut them with?scissors. If you're a little more OCD and want to ensure a perfect cut, I'd recommend using an Xacto knife and a ruler to be more precise. Alternately you could also try a paper trimmer! But if you're wanting to keep it simple, scissors will definitely do the trick.

Once your pieces are cut out, then you will want to punch holes in them using a hole punch. I used a notch shaped hole punch?rather than a standard circle, but a standard circle is fine, especially if you're printing the large designs. For a smaller banner, you may want to get a special hole punch that has a smaller hole so it doesn't cut off too much of the design. For teeny-tiny banners, consider stringing them by using a needle and thread!

Once you've got all your banners punched, you can then string them up using the string, twine or thread of your choosing! See, I told you this was very simple!

I finished the project by hanging it up with a tassel banner —; so cute, right?! Ta-da! Wasn't that simple?

Download the Pink Watercolor Banner

Download the Turquoise Watercolor Banner

Download the Blue Watercolor Banner

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and that you like these printables! If you decide to use them for your big day, bridal shower, or any festive event, please share photos on social media and tag #BSBDIY!

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